The camera housing is made of ACRYLIC PIPE FOR MORE CLARITY OF CAMERA yb-1and is precisely sealed to prevents condensation and water intrusion. The LED lights are specially designed long-life and it makes the camera images so clear that you can find it satisfactory. The resolution is DHD Images. You can watch the down hole images which are sent to the surface unit by the camera in real time and the video data are recorded to disk in a standard video file on the notebook or the VHS tape or the camcorder.

Specification :

  • To inspection the water leakaging of the well ,
  • To imaging the blockage of the well
  • To help the repair of the well
  • Provide broadcast quality video of the underwater world back to the surface from up to within 500m below,
  • This camea can be viewed in real time or recorded for later viewing

Specifications :

  • Super high resolution color pictureyb-2
  • Low light operation
  • Led underwater light
  • Military grade housing
  • Military grade watertightness cable
  • Ability to attach up to deep place and stand large pressure of water