We purchased this product – it arrived timely. It was fairly easy for me to install without him here helping. The product performs exactly as they stated. This is a wireless system so the camera’s can be put basically where you want without running wires around your yard. However, the camera’s do have to have a power source nearby to plug into. Other than that it works great. I have already told friend’s this system would work well for them.
Lady Jayner

I’ve been through a few security cameras in My day, and Yash Global secuirty cameras beats all the priors both in clarity and night vision capability. I’ve used it with and without lights on at dark with a minor adjustment to the monitor or TV contrast & brightness and this little camera makes night into day under lighted or total darkness !
Color is continuous at night, but doesn’t interfere at all with clarity unless You have it turned up too high a level. I very highly recommend Yash Global cameras, as it can be permanently mounted and set up within 15 minutes, if handy ! I’m getting another very soon !
Pocono Pat

I am purchasing this system since I have a neighbor who’s been abusing my dogs with children shooting plastic bebees, as well as hanging out on my property in front at night (teenagers) drinking, urinating in my yard. I have had my property surveyed, putting a fence in and putting surveillance in to ensure safety of my dogs and myself.
Cynthia Carriegan

A Yash Global DVR, 4 cameras and quad monitor are used to provide automobile surveillance for interior and external viewing. The system recorded damage that was done to the car during a car wash.
Clay A. Riley

“Attached are pictures of my birds. This is why with your security and monitor systems I can enjoy all I have invested in the comfort of my living room. I would recommend this system 100 %.”The monitor is located in the living room while the four cameras are located in a sanctuary for exotic birds with 130 parrots and almost 130 other species. The audio feature of the cameras allows the owner to hear the birds and detect any signs of distress.

The Yash Global 4 security cameras are amazing! Installed them and they have been running for 1 month now and the colour and quality is excellent. I was even surprised by the night vision (in black and white). It is so clear and the stealth LEDs light up the area very well. A very good deal. If you need cameras that won’t disappoint, get Yash Global they are the best. I previously purchased a Compeditor product (Night Owl) all in one system for under $400 and I returned it as the camera image was horrible. It was not even true colours and very grainy.

Great web site! Was looking for a security camera system and found your site easy to understand and phoned and spoke with a rep. who was very helpfull. Ordered a system. Great selection.
Barb Sauder

I would like to thank Yash Global personally for the best baby monitor system in the world! I had tried others with my first child but they all had really bad feedback and i spent a couple hundred dollars. When my second child came I decided to find a better product. Although this was alittle out of my price range at the time I decided to try it. I got the monitor with 2 cameras and it worked better than anything i have ever purchased. I put one camera in my sons room and another in my new born daughters room. I could see every move they made. Even when my son was playing instead of sleeping..lol… The night vision is outstanding and the range was out of this world. I could go outside and walk across my 1 acre yard before i started to lose signal. The best part was NO FEED BACK and you could take it anywhere with you. We have a 27 foot boat and if i was up on deck i could see everything that was going on down below. Now i tell everyone i see about Yash Global systems, baby monitors and home surveillance. I suggest to anyone SPEND THE MONEY!!! Its worth the safety and security. I will be purchasing an outdoor system next.
Thank you Yash Global I will be a customer for life Sincerely
Kristen Harris

We have been very happy with this product since we bought it.
Mildred M Suarez

“I wanted this cam to watch over my elderly Mother while i was at work. Once i had it set up and working , it performs flawlessly.. good crisp image and easy to watch from my office. It can be used for many other situations too.. My siblings love to tap in and see their mother while they talk on the phone also”
Bob19001 from Philadelphia

“I bought this camera for my 7yr old son’s bedroom for when I have to do reports on the computer from home. I attached a spare monitor I had to my laptop so I could have the software on at all times on the spare monitor. It works great even when he turns off his lights to play with his glow in the dark toys.

You guys are the Best. I had some issues with the original shipment. RMA was no problem and Yash Global even paid for return shipment. Your Employee Sufikhan Sulaiman is a real Professional answered every email and Gave me options that solved all my problems would recommend Using Yash Global for all your security needs. I am a Happy customer and so is the apartments i installed this gear for.
Marty Gilbert

I just purchased and installed an LW1010 system. It works great. I would like to purchase a second camera to use with the system.
George Hays

We sell and install the Yash Global products and they are all very good systems. As for the team of tech support guys, they do a great job for us with their patience and support, together,we always satisfy our customers.THANX Yash Global
John Atlantic

I just purchased a LW2100. I have the camera set up across the street approx 200ft from current residence. the signal is good and the video is good
Don Baack

This system is just what I have been looking for. Thank you so much.
Dave P. Dutson

I was looking for a baby monitoring system and am thrilled to find a high quality solution that meets all of our needs. THANK YOU!
Joel Glaze

This is my second Yash Global purchase and have been extremely satisfied with my decision to select Yash Global! I’ve purchased the Network System with 8 Channel DVR for my retail clothing business. I’m not a pro installer but the bundled packaged was not really difficult to install. I was able to install everything in less than a day. The ability to view the cameras remotely using Netviewer gives us peace of mind of what’s going on in our store. Definitely well worth the investment!
Joe Nuez

I have the Yash Global baby home video monitor system and I like it very much. The colors are bright and the view is wide compared to the other products out there.
Quang Tran

We received our camera very fast shipping and are working so well thank a lot. I am looking forward to buy again from you. My next buy will be a pci card for my computer maybe soon and thank again!
Jessica king

Nice Baby monitors, works great.

I am so please with the reliability and quality of our camera system I am recommending this to other family members
Guy Thompson

You have great deals on your site all the time.
Hector Lopez

The 21” Flat Screen System SG21FD3044-161 has given me added confidence regarding the security of my medical office. It has also helped me monitor the reception and checkout desks at my practice to insure good patient care on the part of my own staff.
Gregory Skie

I’m trying to find a surveillance system for our restaurant. Yash Global has a pretty good website that allows me to search for the right solution.
Foo Kwan

We have had a lot of break ins in my neighborhood so I looked around and found the Yash Global system. I liked it but was not sure till I spoke to a friend of mine and he loves it. I bought my SG19LD804 the next day.
John Scott

I was looking for security system for my house. It appears that you have one of the most complete and comprehensive system on the market. It is like a one stop shopping. You couldn’t have made it any simpler.
David Chin

The device is being used for home security and business. The system seems like a fine product for security. Kids in the neighborhood have scratched cars, knocked down mail boxes and driving through lawns in the winter time.
William Phillips

I needed insight to select the proper Home Surveillance System. I spoke with your representative on the telephone and he was very personable, courteous and informative. He explained the different systems and their differences and aided me in determining which unit was best for me. I like doing business with Yash Global.
Robert G Hurst