Public address System

Yash Global is proud to introduce the School Broadcast System completely designed, manufactured and factory tested system package to meet the requirements of schools & colleges.

While the School Broadcast System has been designed keeping in view the requirements of educational institutions, the system can also be used for other applications like:

  • Supermarkets / Departmental stores.
  • Industrial / Commercial establishments.
  • High rise building etc.


  • Allows perfect communication between principal/head master and various class rooms.
  • Principal/head master can speak to each class individually and address all class room simultaneously.
  • Principal/head master can receive communication from each class room
  • Relay of pre-recorded educational cassettes over loudspeakers in class room from in built cassette player. Amplifier:
  • The power of the amplifier is decided on the number of classroom speakers to be driven.


  • All room paging & talk back system.
  • Talk led.
  • Call return led.
  • Return call bell.
  • Monitor speaker.
  • Monitor speaker volume.
  • All call switch.
  • 230v AC / 12v DC.
  • Elect goose-neck microphone (optional) extra socket for back side.
  • One goose-neck microphone attached.

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