Gas Leak Detection System

Cosmos was possibly the first company in the world to have invented a Domestic Gas Leak Detector way back some 50 years ago. Today, Gas Leak Detection System range of products includes small Domestic Gas Leak Detectors to simple Gas Leak Detection System which only gives an audio-visual alarm apart from that these also includes highly sophisticated integrated system, complete with power back-up and display unit which indicates level of leakage as percentage of LEL or in PPM with pre-set alarm points.

We also supply very handy and portable Gas Leak Detectors which are very easy to operate and maintain. Both the Systems are available for detection of all types of gases including flammable, toxic and other special gases. Cosmos has launched very innovative design ‘Odor Monitors’ for abnormal Temp. We also supply detection system using Odor Sensors. The Temp. Detection System is normally installed on cables and which gives an odor depending on the Temp. and which is sensed by the Odor Sensor thereby giving a warning before a major failure of cables takes place, thus preventing serious accidents. With ever increased concern for environment all around, both these Systems are gaining popularity.

Here “Extreme” from Errecom can be like a genie solving your problem in a jiffy. It is a high quality, tested solution from Europe that not only finds the leak but also seals it permanently.
What is Extreme: Extreme is specifically designed for the safe repair of small refrigerant leaks that frequently occur in A/C & Refrigeration system components.

How does it work
Extreme localizes the point of leak of Refrigerant and seals it permanently, without any reaction with humidity and oxygen. Extreme stops the leakages with maximum dimensions 0.5mm. It is triggered into action only when there is a leak and builds a flexible permanent seal.


  • It permanently seals the leakages
  • Compatible with all Refrigerant Gases including CFC, HFC, HCFC
  • Visible to any U/V lamp
  • It significantly reduces compressor noise
  • Polymer-free
  • Ideal for preventative use
  • Non-clogging to the system compressor
  • Harmless to any system component.
  • A high quality product from Europe.