Electronic article surveillance

AS Labels offers a full line of retail security Electronic Article Surveillance products along with free* loss prevention information.(RF, AM & more) EAS or Electronic Article Surveillance equipment is essential to prevent shoplifting through effective retail security, loss prevention or Store Security programs. Retail store inventory shrinkage could easily be reduced by employment of the right anti theft methods. Shoplifting can be held in check with detection systems coordinated with deactivation tag systems, using paper labels or stickers as a secondary or primary layer of inventory loss prevention. Bar code stickers are a great way to trick the shoplifter about the identity of the security tag. White security labels can have their own avantages for concealment. Soft security tags are extremely effective as retail loss prevention tools.


  • EAS-RF (Digital) Antennas
  • 8.2 MHz frequency band
  • Advanced pulse technology
  • Wide distance (1.2 ~1.6m)
  • Auto selection of tags
  • Red LED & sound alarm
  • Unique Signal Processing
  • Improved tag and label detection
  • Additional reliability
  • Power Supply
  • Power Supply
  • Compatible with AC requirements anywhere in the world
  • Multi-Aisle or Wide-Aisle Capability
  • By adding antennas, the system can protect any exit configuration

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